December 2nd, 2016

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Happy Holidays, cactus_rabbit!

Title: Old West AU in Artwork
Recipient: cactus_rabbit

Characters/Pairing: Aziraphale & Crowley (or Aziraphale/Crowley)
Rating: PG-13 [SFW]
Notes: Dear Cactus Rabbit, I'm sorry that instead of a fanfic writer you got me, the awkward fan artist! But I hope that you enjoy your gift, and Happy Holidays!
Summary: Crowley is the sheriff of a small, lonely town in the middle of nothing. He's friends (strangely, they have nothing in common! Am I right, Janice?) with Aziraphale, the shopkeeper of the local grocery. They often, at the end of the day, share a drink in the back of the shop, while discussing things regarding books, philosophy, or religion (Az is a strong believer, in contrast with Crowley), or whatever (I know, Janice, they keep talking and talking about all that useless and weird stuff.) Until...RANDOM THREAT TO THE TOWN, found in time - but our brave sheriff, who stupidly got caught because he thought that he can do stuff alone, thinks that the town needs to rely on him. He can't ask for help or let others think that he's afraid. Of course, Az saves his ass (Aziraphale ex machina). And they talk about it. And so they got the whole town together against this dangerous outside threat (TBH, while doing the 4th drawing I was thinking about something kind of supernatural, or bad people with magic, and they want to get the town that anyway it's useless and lonely YES BUT IT'S MY USELESS AND LONELY TOWN SO YOU WILL GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE.) (I thought that you didn't believe in hell, dear.) (Shut up, Az.) Of course, I had to leave the fire scene, here. C'mon. At this point, yay, they won, but they lost Aziraphale. He's nowhere to be found. They couldn't save him. His heroic sacrifice will always be remembered by the city. Then, a stranger approaches the town. He seems to much like the other bad ones, and they just got out of that war, and anyway literally no one could wander there. So of course, everyone is defensive. But then the stranger reveals himself. And it's happily ever after.

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