December 22nd, 2016

AZI love

Happy Holidays, Lunasong!

Title: Celestial Motions and Supernatural Systems of Timekeeping

Recipient: lunasong

Characters/Pairings: Aziraphale & Crowley

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 8.000

Notes: I loved your prompt about waiting and twisted it a bit to the extent of: What if their perception of Time is more complicated and how did it evolve along with human history? Please enjoy your gift and I wish you Happy Holidays =)

Summary: Unbeknownst to him he had arrived at a Crossroad. The first path was straight as an arrow and lead to a universe where they’d continue to live in different realms of Time, the demon operating during night and the angel operating during day. At the end of this path Crawly would one day accept a basket with a sleeping infant wordlessly and relieved to his bones that the miserable experience of Earth existence was finally over. This path, obviously, was also the one they were supposed to take.

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Happy Holidays, lunasong365, from your Secret Writer!