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go_exchange's Journal

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Good Omens Exchange
Lower Tadfield
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The annual Good Omens fandom holiday art/fic exchange
The Good Omens Holiday Gift Exchange is open for 2016!

Your mods are irisbleufic and vulgarweed. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

The stunning art at the top of our site is by tio-trile (on tumblr); layout is by the inimitable musegaarid.

Welcome to the 12th Annual Good Omens Exchange!

This is an adult community, with art and fiction ranging from G to NC-17. Additionally, stories and art may feature slash relationships (male/male, female/female, ethereal/occult, horseperson/horseperson, and/or DEATH/DEATH erotica).

Please read tags and other labels accordingly. You have been warned!


1. The identities of artists and writers are kept secret until January 1, 2017. Why? It's more fun that way!
2. Entries are due in to us via email by November 30, 2016 and will be posted throughout the month of the December (please send them as HTML-coded Word documents or images to goodomens.exchange@gmail.com).
3. Use a beta. Email us at goodomens.exchange@gmail.com if you need help finding one.
4. Stories should be at least 1,000 words in length. We enforce this rule strictly!
5. Warnings: We ask that creators warn for any of the following—non-con, incest, highly underage sex (under the age of consent in the UK, which is 16), graphic violence, major character death (that means permanent death of a major character, not that DEATH is a major character). Mods reserve the right to add any warnings that we feel are necessary. Not all of the mod team is easily squicked, so we're not strict (i.e. we won't forbid you from asking for, say, non-con in your prompt-list). We ask that sensitive readers heed warnings; in other words, if you see a notice for something that annoys, offends, triggers, or otherwise upsets you, don't click on it. This is the most we can do to make sure this space is safe. Even then, we can't guarantee it. TL;DR WARNINGS EXIST FOR A REASON, SO USE THEM.

How to stay out of Hell's bad books (not that Hell has any other kind)

1. Understand that by signing up for the exchange, you are promising to produce a gift for someone. If you flake out, that means either a pinch-hitter must be recruited quickly to cover for you, or someone will be disappointed by lack of gift (we mods are committed to making sure that doesn't happen). We all understand that unforeseeable problems can arise, and there won't be any hard feelings if you let the mods know in a timely manner that you'll be late or you won't be able to finish; we do have willing pinch-hitters standing by just in case, and we appreciate the honesty. But failure to produce without notification will result in you being banned from next year's exchange. There is a ban-list from last year. If you let us know in a timely manner you were dropping out, or if you produced a gift by the end of the exchange, you're not on it. However, if you dropped out/defaulted late or didn't answer any of our correspondence, you are on it. If you want to check, email us. We don't bite. We do get a little stern if you do any of the ban-list-worthy stuff, though.
2. Please comment to thank your gift-giver. We won't ban you if you don't, but we will notice, and we will look down our noses at you.
3. Welcome to our unchbowl. Notice there's no p in it. Please keep it that way: no flaming, whether of a gift or of a request.

Site Disclaimer: No one at go_exchange owns any part of the GO universe. That's all Pratchett and Gaiman. We do this for fun!

Don't forget: previous years' gifts are still here for everyone's enjoyment! To access booty dating from 2005 through 2015, use the comprehensive tagging system on the side-bar of the main page (i.e. 2005 exchange; 2010 exchange; aziraphale/crowley; newt/anathema; hastur/ligur; adam/pepper; the them; the horsepersons; etc.)

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